Design & Crafting

Frequently people like to commission pieces to a design that is special to them, and we have provided this service for many customers down the years; the result has been bringing some amazing pieces of jewellery to fruition, some of which may be seen in our design gallery. We have also designed and produced various awards and badges of office for societies and organizations.

We endeavour to ensure that each piece of Cousins’ jewellery possesses some special quality; and our designs may be produced using modern as well as traditional techniques. The standard of our production is visible in our window display selection. 

Detailed and thorough design consultations enable us to best meet client expectations and successful outcomes are the norm for bespoke creations. In addition, we have the benefit of a large and varied stock, which we use to demonstrate styles, colours, and technical details.

By commissioning a ‘Cousins’ piece to be made, is to be a patron: you are helping to preserve a wealth of traditional talents that have been in continuous use for thousands of years. We as a family actively sponsor this pool of talent and skill, and we encourage the older craftsmen and women to pass on their remarkable knowledge to the next generation of future masters.