British Jewellery

The T&B Cousins family team aim to create a wonderfully unique and exquisite experience for all our clients. Founded through three generations since 1920, we believe that we have mastered the art of designing and realising exquisite and timeless jewellery. This is why we settle for nothing less than the finest quality gemstones and metals, and use exceptionally skilled craftsmen to bring our designs to life.

In this way we help our clients realise their ideas into fruition. We are always ready to spend time conversing with clients to best understand what they are looking for. We are then able to bring together the individual components of the design for approval at each stage so that the entire process is an inclusive effort and under full control of the client. This comprises one of the most enjoyable parts of our job as jewellers– about which we feel passionate.  We know little more gratifying than being able to work with clients from start to finish and see their reactions when the final piece is presented to them.

As we know, fashions and styles ebb, flow, and meander with fashions and trends. However, while we relish creating modern pieces, we feel that it is possible to circumvent stylistic obsolescence by designing ageless jewels that remain beautiful and appropriate over the decades. We do this by choosing the loveliest gemstones, highest quality Diamonds, and the best precious metalwork and putting them together in a ‘Classically Cousins’ style that exudes precision in the making, and elegance in the finished piece.