Our Services

Here at T&B COUSINS we take an old style approach to customer service, and we have a proactive impulse to help our customers to the best of our abilities. As a long-established business, we have the experience, the materials and access to the best craftspeople to provide that service; from giving basic expert advice, through to jewellery and silverware work including cleaning and polishing, repair, restoration, engraving, and rethreading of pearl necklaces.


As jewellery and silverware enthusiasts, we are always pleased to advise on the repair and restoration of both new and antique pieces and the repolishing and recutting of gemstones.


We carry a wide variety of stock items that we pride ourselves upon. These range from New Jewellery, Antique Jewellery, New Silverware, Old Silverware, Signet Rings, Wedding Rings, and Loose Gemstones.

Please note: Wedding Rings take six to eight weeks to be made because they are individually made by hand to order. Hand-carved inscriptions can also be accommodated for, but please allow an additional two weeks for this service.

Monograms & Engraving

We offer an engraving service predominantly for pieces that we have supplied, however, when required we can often make an exception. We ourselves can advise on script, artwork, and overall design (view our section on monograms), and we allocate the object to one of several outworker engravers, according to the talent or specialism the job requires. Items we commonly engrave are wedding ring inscriptions, christening gifts, signet rings, and many types of silverware.

Engraving does not only involve lettering; over the years we have undertaken work that takes the form of decorative engraving (figurative and non-figurative), and engraving champ-levé for vitreous enamelling. An important (and ancient) speciality is the engraving of intaglios which produce a wax impression in bas-relief that has an important role in the depiction of heraldic devices on signet rings.

Bespoke Designing

Bespoke work comprises a large portion of our work at Cousins. The process commences with a design consultation to generate ideas and gauge the clients’ vision. From here, final designs are painted in gouache and presented to the client for approval, after which, the most precious stones are put together with meticulous hand-crafted metalwork to make the finished piece.

Bespoke pieces can be tailored and designed for any budget or style preferences and it is our desire that each and every client is fully satisfied with their piece. All jewellery is made by hand and therefore, once the design is finalised, the making process takes between six to eight weeks.


As we say to all our customers when they purchase rings and other jewellery from us, we are more than happy to clean your jewellery for you to keep it beautifully sparkling. For a full jewellery clean of more than five items, this services carries a small charge to be donated to our charity box.

Silverware cleaning is also possible, however, this is generally charged at a per item on size or per hourly rate (£30), which can only be judged when we see the item and the condition it is in.


For our valuation services please click here for antique and new jewellery valuation