Monograms &

At Cousins one of our most common jobs to undertake are designing monograms for signet rings. A monogram is the culmination of initials in a complimentary design that are then seal-engraved onto the face of a signet ring or surface-engraved onto other products, for example a necklace, tumbler cup or napkin ring. We do not charge for the design-work when you have purchased the article to be engraved. We take great time and pleasure in crafting these designs for our clients, which is evident from our vast collection of monogram designs from which we have taken the selection bellow to demonstrate some of the different works we have produced over the decades.

Various factors determine the style of a monogram design, client taste and preference are foremost, however the desired letters control the outcome and certain letters lend themselves more readily to alternative styles of design. Some letters we enjoy because they are easier to interlace or have lovely symmetry and we use these characteristics when crafting the design. Monogrammed letters can sit proudly apart with minimal interlacing or they can be complexly entangled together, with overlapping and intertwined letters. Some have mirror imaging, especially with symmetrical letters that can create wonderful geometric designs. Once finished, the design will be unique to you.