Jewellery Repairs

We undertake repair work to jewellery of our supply and production, where applicable we may undertake repairs to other pieces. We do our utmost to ensure repairs are completed to the highest standard and so that the modifications are imperceptible to the eye.

The most typical “repair” that our workshops undertake is the alteration of the finger size of rings, often thought of as “stretching” or “shrinking”. However, we make most adjustments by cutting the band and inserting or removing a piece of metal, so that the intervention appears invisible. With fine, elaborate, or massive rings this work can involve a high degree of skill and time input.

We also offer a pearl restringing service, we recommend that pearls are restrung with silk every 2-3 years depending on how often they are worn, however, it is important to check with your insurance company because some require rethreading annually.

In general, we rethread necklaces ‘knotted’ which means there is a very small knot in between each pearl so that in the unfortunate case of the necklace breaking, the pearls remain together. The knots also serve as cushions, preventing the pearls from abrading against each other.