Pearl Necklaces

Pearls hold a special place in our collection. Over the century of trading we have bought and sold pearls of the finest quality and of all sizes, shapes, colours and types.
Natural pearls, both salt and freshwater, cultured saltwater, cultured freshwater, cultured mabe, cultured Tahitian, Kasumiga, and even, very occasionally, a pink Conch pearl have all passed through our showroom.
During the selection process, we check every pearl to ensure a perfect match or complement is collated to form a beautiful necklace. We then make or source the perfect clasps to suit the pearls, ensuring attention to detail through every aspect.
The human fascination with the beauty of a pearl is, of course, ancient. The unique deep lustre and iridescence has confounded description, and this indefinable optical quality is the very essence of their heart winning appeal. 

Breathing new life in to an old pearl necklet.

If you have an old pearl necklet in your jewel box that is no longer being worn, why not revitalize it. One of the beauties of a pearl necklet is that they are often readily adaptable. 

We will gladly help you examine your pearls, and carefully advise you. The pearls can be cleaned, damaged pearls replaced, length and style can be altered (sometimes bringing a dramatic change) with beautifully skilled rethreading and knotting on new silk. 

The transformation can be remarkable, making a wonderful new necklet that can be worn and cherished once again. 

Create something new from a necklet unused.